I have a feeling my colour choice may have altered the final appearance of what was meant to be a cute crochet unicorn…..I think I have inadvertently created a unicorn pig!

I saw this pattern in Simply Crochet magazine issue 18.  This was quite a while ago and as a result it has been on my to do list for a long time – too long! Unfortunately I have had too many other makes that have sneaked ahead of it, but not anymore, now it is time to make this very cute little amigurumi cuddly toy! 

I know the general consensus for the colour of a unicorn is white, but as I was rummaging through my wool to find my white I came across this speckled pink that I love and I just had to use it, who says a unicorn cannot be pink? I always think of unikitty from the Lego movie when I think of unicorns and she is both pink  and white!  I picked a light orange for the horn, and for the hail and tail chose: red, dark blue, cream, yellow, and bright green. 
I got this made up over two evenings, I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly it came together.  


This was even after I had made a mistake by sewing an arm too far round the back of the body and managing to cut through the body rather than the thread that was attaching the arm to the body when trying to remove it to attach into the right place, so I had to remake the body! I was very annoyed at myself after that but cheered up slightly by the fact it hadn’t taken me too long to get back on track – if it had been the head I had to redo it may have been a different story! 

So so cute!! My only concern is with my choice of wool colour, I love the colour but am starting to wonder now I’ve been looking at it for a while whether it looks ok or if it actually looks like a Unicorn piggy with long hair!  Although let’s be honest a unicorn pig with long hair would be pretty interesting to see, and there’s a unikitty so why not a unipiggy! 
I think I may make a few more of these in different colours! 

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