Quilted English Paper Pieced Patchwork Table Topper: Part 2 – Finished

After a bit of a wobble on its road to completion, my quilted table topper is finished and was definitely worth the upset! 

I finally managed to bring myself to get out my table topper and get to unpicking the horrible quilting I had damaged it with the last time! I hate unpicking especially when it seems to be never ending! Luckily it didn’t take as long to unpick as I had expected, although it is not the way I would like to normally spend an evening!   

Now that I had all three layers separated, I got back to re-finishing it:

  • I took out the hexagon tulip pattern back piece and replaced it with a plain purple fabric which I also used on the front.  
  • Now I had a new back piece I pinned this, the middle batting and the front piece together, I think I used more pins than I have ever done before and that is saying something! There was no way this fabric was going to move and cause alignment problems on the back after the last disaster!
  • To quilt I did the same pattern that I had done previously and quilted a foots width away around the edge of the hexagons in the second and last rounds and quilted down the seams of the Middle hexagon and second hexagon round.  I wasn’t too sure how well the quilting pattern would come out, but I think it looks pretty great (best to be honest!)! I love the effect on the back – it looks like honeycomb! So pleased! It was definitely a relief getting a good quilting pattern finished with my worries after the last attempt on this!  

Once I had three quilting part finished it was time to focus on binding the edges of the topper, I had a few thoughts on how to do this and couldn’t quite decide whether any would look good enough or if they would work successfully!  

Then I saw a brilliant idea on: http://badskirt.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/tutorial-finishing-you-hexie-quilts.html?m=1

For a hexagon border edge rather than a binding strip and knew it would be perfect for what I was wanting.  

  • In this method you need to make a round of hexagons the same size in number as the final round of the front piece (using paper piercing as previously).  
  • Next you need to sew them all together to make the round, mine were already attached together as I just used the outer ring from the previous backing piece, so all I had to do was remove them from the inner rounds.  This meant I was re-using some of the previous back piece so it wouldn’t go to waste, and saved me a bit of time as I didn’t have to sew them all together!
  • Once you have then sewn them all together you place this ring right sides facing with the front of the topper and slip stitch around the outer edge. 
  • Then fold the hexagon border right side back out and round to the back of the topper and sew around the edges on that side, removing the paper templates as you go. Unfortunately as I had re-used the hexagons from the back piece I had previously they already had the paper pieces removed! This meant it took me a little longer go get each hexagon lined up and sewn, but luckily didn’t cause too major of a problem! 

For further details on the method and an excellent step by step check out the blog link, the quilt on the blog that they have used it on is lovely too!  It produces such a lovely effect, especially on the plain back of my topper along with the quilting, such a perfect solution to my problem!    After all it’s problems I was doubting whether I would ever get this finished, but luckily I stuck with it and here it is in all its hexagon lovely-ness! 



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