After a flurry of bobbles and a few wool buying disasters later my first venture into crochet clothing is finally ready! 

After starting off so well and not having any problems with making my first crochet jumper (bobble jumper from Issue 22 of Simply Crochet) I thought it was all going to be plain sailing, but after two running out of wool disasters I was starting to think things were not going to keep to plan! 

I got my last ball of wool I needed yesterday, so I used 14 balls in total rather than the 10 in the pattern for my size, due to the wool being slightly thicker and not having as much on the ball as that used in the pattern.  I am also thinking my tension may have been a bit tighter than that in the pattern, I tried to keep it as loose as possible but it does look slightly tighter! I decided to spend the day finishing the jumper – before anything else could go wrong! 
I got the final part of the sleeve finished in no time so was ready to sew all the pieces together, it then dawned on me I had no idea how to actually sew a jumper together! Luckily my mum was on hand or I would have been sewing it together without the right sides facing in, so would have ended up with the seam on the outside!


Once I knew to do it with right sides facing and to sew the sleeve together first before putting into the arm hole – again with the right sides facing! I was off and I had it sewn together in no time! The final part was two rows of dc around the neckline which posed no problems.  Finally my bobble jumper was finished!
I am so pleased with this – my first piece of clothing, and apart from a few little problems I think I have made it through relatively unscathed, so I am all set to try and make some more clothes in the future! I am now on the lookout for some patterns – I have got some wool in mind already! 
Now this project is finished I can start some more from my list, I’m not too sure what to start next I still have a few more lego blankets to make so I might need to get cracking on those! 


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