Patchwork English Paper Pieced Quilt Update: Another 4 More Squares In The Finished Pile!

I have finally found a bit of time to put a few more patchwork squares together to go toward my quilt! I always find my quilting tends to be the unlucky craft which gets put to the wayside when I have a lot of crafts on, I’m not to really sure why this is as I love doing patch-working!  The one advantage of this is that although I am not actually making the patchwork squares I am constantly coming up with ideas in my head ready for when I get a chance to put a few together!  I think I already have more than enough ideas for this patchwork blanket, but that’s ok as any ones I don’t need for this blanket will be used in my Christmas quilting makes! 

The first square I did I got the idea from All People Quilt magazine after seeing a tweet by them for this log cabin pattern  I really liked the effect so decided to put one together myself using paper piercing using the picture in the tweet as inspiration.  I think the square is really effective considering it is really simple to make as it only uses long strips of fabric.  

When I bought the latest edition of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine one thing caught my eye on the cover straight away, a slightly different take on the log cabin pattern using a hexagon as the centre piece rather than a square like I had previously.   The patchwork in the magazine had been completed using machine stitching, but I decided to give the hexagon log cabin a go using paper piercing so it would be in the same style as all my other squares in the quilt.  I drew out a design using the magazine as a guide onto paper, cut out all the pieces and once I had tacked all the material to the paper templates I sewed them all together.

The patterns for the rest of these squares I came up with myself – I often find myself in a daydream of different patchwork ideas and it is great finally putting the ideas together in fabric! The first is a basic diagonal line pattern, so I just had to cut a square piece of paper into strips for the templates which was nice snd simple and they came together very quickly – although I learnt my lesson to make sure that I attach the fabric to the right side of the template so that when the piece is sewn together with the others it is the correct way around – I had to redo a few as I had sewn the fabric to the wrong side meaning the edges of the template were the wrong way around and so did not match up! 

The final square is slightly different and I took a basic square in the centre and put some fabric (3 different coloured pieces in total) diagonally over the corners to create a bit of texture as all the other squares are flat.  




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