Patchwork Applique Hearts And Houses Quilt: Part 2 – Adding The Houses And Hearts

The houses have been built and the doors are on, it’s finally starting to all come together!

I managed to get some time today to add my house detail onto my patchwork quilt background which I started last weekend.  As mentioned in its previous post the idea for this quilt came from All People Quilt Magazine:

by Jaybird Quilts  

For these houses I chose to use the same colours that I had used for the background patchwork as I felt out of the fabrics I had to use these looked the best.  It took me a little while to cut out all 36 houses, roofs and doors but I got there eventually!    I sewed these onto the patchwork background using a large zig zag stitch, I didn’t want to use a smaller stitch as I wanted the stitch to stand out and provide extra detail.  I couldn’t decide on what colour thread to use so in the end I used a different colour for each row! Next I sewed on the doors using a slightly smaller zig zag as the door were much smaller in size and anything to big wouldn’t have worked.

After a mammoth session of finishing off all the loose ends I have finally got the front part of the patchwork quilt finished.  Now I just need to find a nice piece of fabric for the back and the edge binding and some wadding, then I can get busy quilting the front and back pieces together.  

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