Crochet Lego Brick Patchwork Blanket – Part 1

After two days of busily crafting this weekend my marathon has come to an end and I saved the biggest until last! 

After the successes of finishing my cross stitch owl cushion and getting started in a new patchwork quilt I decided to tackle s big unfinished project on my to do list, a Lego brick blanket.  I knew the Lego blanket make was going to be a big task but I think I underestimated at the time how much work it was going to take to make just one blanket let alone the 4 I am wanting to do! I had made about half of the bricks I needed to complete the first blanket so set myself the task of finishing the bricks I needed and to get them all sewn together.  It was quite a task to do but after a long time (and with aching hands!) I got all the bricks I needed finished.

I made 23 bricks in total (eleven 1 dot, seven 2dots, three 4 dots and two 6 dots) this is fewer than the pattern ( and I put them together in a different order to the pattern also. I chose to do this differently as I wanted to make smaller blankets than those in the pattern and wanted to do my own layout with the bricks.  

It took me a little time to decide on the best layout of the bricks but I finally got there! I joined them using black wool as I think it makes the bricks stand out the best, and then attached the brick dots – which took quite a while!  After I had finished all those I worked on the border for the blanket, I did this slightly different to the pattern and just did rounds of dc stitches in 5 colours one in the black which was the same as the joining wool to provide a strong edge colour, then yellow, blue, red and dark blue, which I had used for the bricks. The final size turned out to be 28 x 29 inches.

I am so impressed with how well this make has come out! I knew from the picture in the pattern it would look good but it is even better when you see it up close! The recipient is going to be very happy with this! I am very happy to get this one made and off my list, however, I still have another three to make! I think I will be busy with these Lego bricks for a while, not that I am complaining – I love Lego! 


3 thoughts on “Crochet Lego Brick Patchwork Blanket – Part 1

  1. I am making the same blanket from the original pattern. I am having trouble with the round that finishes each block.can you explain it in a simpler way than the pattern?


    1. It took me a little while to get the hang of it too – I understood it as doing a single sc into each sc along each of the edges, and doing 3sc into the sc stitch at each of the four corners. I hope this helps and I haven’t made it more confusing!


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