Patchwork Applique Hearts And Houses Quilt: Part 1 – Getting Started

As I have so many quilt makes on my list this year I was slightly worried that if I did them all by hand using the paper piercing method that I have always used I wouldn’t get them all finished in time.  I have also wanted to try making a quilt from scratch using a machine, so I thought this would be the answer the my extensive quilting list – to attempt doing some of them with my machine.  I will keep doing the more complex patterns of stars and hexagons that I will be doing by hand but the more simple square patterns I am doing I will try and do by machine.

This first quilt I have started on is based on a quilt I saw on All People Quilt magazine by Jaybird Quilts for a square background quilt with appliqué houses and heart detail,,

This is perfect for its Christmas recipient who only recently moved into a new house! I decided to a basic 6×6 square area background with each square being 5×5 inches in size.  I cut out all of the fabric into 5×5 inch squares and laid them all out into the pattern I wanted – this took quite a while to get the result I was wanting but I got there eventually! 

Next I sewed together each square in a row, then sewed each of the 6 square rows together so that I had my patchwork quilt front layer completed. I was really surprised how easily It came together – I expected it to be much harder than it was.  The fact it was not as difficult as I had expected is great news for the other quilts I need to do for Christmas as I now should get them all finished I time! The only downside to this method is finishing off all the loose ends! 

My next job is to appliqué on the house and heart shapes, unfortunately I have run out of time this weekend on this project to do this,  so it will be going into the work in progress pile! So although I have not got it all finished this weekend, I am very happy to have got started on it and have got quite a big part of it finished.   Hopefully it won’t take me too long to finish the rest of it ready for quilting! 

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