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From the year of the coasters and cushions to the year of the quilts!

know it’s only been a few months since Christmas but I have so many makes I do for Christmas I have to start planning early!  I have been thinking about what to focus on this year as last year I seemed to focus on sets of crochet coasters and cross stitch cushions for people – I lost count of how many I ended up making!  While thinking about this over the last few months I have seen some really nice quilts both online and in magazines that have given me a lot of ideas to make some quilts, so many ideas in fact I have decided that most people’s made present this year will be some form of quilt! 

As a result this year will now be known as the year of the quilt for me! I am still finishing off a quilt for myself and would like to get most of it ready before starting any more but I can still plan out what I will be making for these gifts so I can start getting the fabric and other bits I need together – I already have quite a bit of fabric in my stash which I can use.  I am really looking forward to doing these quilts as they are going to be a bit different to what I have made previously.  
Now it’s time to get cracking and finish my own quilt off before I get distracted doing all these new ones!!

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