Adding A Crocodile Stitch Border To A Blanket: Crochet Wavy Pom Pom Blanket With Crocodile Stitch Border


After finishing the main part of my crochet Pom Pom blanket using a wavy stitch, I was undecided on what to do for the border. I had a few ideas in mind ranging from a basic dc stitch around in different coloured rows, a fan effect around using trebles, or waves around. However after seeing the crocodile stitch in Simply Crochet magazine issue 26 I knew this was the one to go for, as it is a bit different and a perfect match to the slightly crazy Pom Pom blanket!

Also I have never tried this stitch before and I love to try something new. It did take a while to get the hang of, especially as I had to change it slightly from the pattern to get what I wanted with the stitch so that it would point outwards from the blanket rather than inward to the blanket. I did wonder why I decided to pick something I hadn’t done before and it has taken me a while but it was definitely worth the trouble as it really finishes the blanket off and gives a bit of texture around the edges, and now I have a new stitch in my inventory! I already have another project in mind using it! I did a row of sc stitches around the edge first in pink ready for the border to go on to. I then used an orangy colour for the first set of crocodile stitches around.

Crocodile stitch edging:

To get the crocodile stitch to go around a blanket:

Round 1 – Round of sc.

Complete a round of sc stitches the whole way around the blanket.

Round 2 – Creating the V posts.

ch4, tr(UK)/dc(US) into stitch at base of ch, *skip 2 stitches, tr(UK)/dc(US), ch1, tr(UK)/dc(US) into next stitch (this created the first v group), repeat from *the whole way around. This them created the v group posts for the crocodile stitch to go into.

Fasten off After completing the first row.

Round 3 – Working on the v posts.

Fasten off in the same colour as the previous row at the base of a treble post from row 1:

ch3, then I completed 4 tr(UK)/dc(US) up to the top of the post, ch1, then 5tr(UK)/dc(US) down the next post in the v, rather than the pattern which went down the first post then up the next. Then the same as the pattern I *skipped the next v post and Then at the next v stitch I started at the base, 5tr(UK)/dc(US) up to top then 5tr(UK)/dc(US) back down the next post. Then I repeated from * the whole way around the blanket.

Trebles going up the first part of the v post.
Trebles going down the next side of the v post.
Completed crocodile stitch.

Rounds 4 and 5: Repeat rounds 2 and 3 in another colour and fasten off. Making sure that for the row after creating the v posts that I put the trebles up and down the v posts in the gap made between the crocodile stitches on row 2, so that they were not directly behind the previous crocodile stitch but in the next v post along.

Creating the second round of v posts.
Two rows of crocodile stitch, second round of stitch completed in the v post between two crocodile stitches on the first rows.

I did one round in orange and one round in the pink from the blanket, I didn’t do any more as I thought it would make the border too heavy.

I can’t believe I am at the end of this project – it is the biggest crochet project I have undertaken, and it has taken me a while to get through but it has been worth it, I absolutely love this blanket it is just what I wanted. Perfectly snugly for all this cold weather, I think I am going to hibernate in it for a while!

I am really pleased I have managed to get two big projects finished of my list in the last week – this pom Pom blanket and the granny square blanket, however, there are plenty of new projects lining up to fill their space!


4 thoughts on “Adding A Crocodile Stitch Border To A Blanket: Crochet Wavy Pom Pom Blanket With Crocodile Stitch Border

    • hookstitchsew February 7, 2015 / 11:42 pm

      Thank you, wasn’t too sure how they would all go together, but it’s turned out great, I love how bright it is! Perfect for a dark winter evening!


    • hookstitchsew February 13, 2015 / 9:26 pm

      Thank you, am really pleased with it, am glad the pom pom’s worked as I wasn’t too sure how they would go! is perfect for this cold weather at the moment too!

      Liked by 1 person

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