Crochet Wavy Pom Pom Blanket Update: I Think My Vision Is Starting To Become Wavy After All These Rows!

I was very excited when my new batch of Pom Pom wool arrived after my flow of crocheting waves upon waves was rudely disturbed after running out of it! My excitement was subdued slightly by the prospect of balling the skeins but after a dramatic battle of winding against a barrage of Pom poms my excitement had fully returned and I was ready to get back crocheting again!

After a huge 83 rows in total the main part of the blanket is finished!! I have decided that I want to do a border around the edge of it before I have finished it, I can’t quite decide between a few things I have in mind, so I am going to have a think and good look at the blanket and decide what I think will look best before starting!

Even though I don’t know what edging I will be doing, I have at least decided on the colour – I have an orange colour the same colour as one of the Pom poms to use, and I might also use the pink colour from in the blanket I have already used. Hopefully I will have the edging finished a lot quicker than the rest of the blanket! Almost at the end of the biggest crochet project I have undertaken – won’t be long until I can cosy up in it – I can’t wait!


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