Granny Square A Week Blanket Project: Part 7 – Hold the bus….Some Grannies Almost Got Left Behind!


I am still trudging through the granny squares, and the end is finally in sight! I have now managed to make another 4 (26 now made in total) and there are only 2 more left to do until I have completed all the the granny squares available as no more are appearing on the app.

Once I have finished them all I will lay them out and decide whether I have enough for a blanket or whether I need to find some more granny square patterns to make up the numbers so it will be big enough! – I think I may need a few more as it might be a bit small as it is but I will see. Then comes the challenge of putting then all together which is going to be interesting as not all of them are the same size!! I may be adding some rows onto a few of them which are a big smaller than the rest to match the sizes up a bit. Hopefully there are enough of each different size to make a row of each size square. I also need to decide how I am going to attach them together and with what colour! Decisions decisions…. I’m putting it off until I have to do it as I can’t quite decide at the moment I know something will pop in to my head!

Until then, hop on board;

Granny Barbara
Granny June
Granny Florence
Granny Audrey

Hope you enjoy the trip!

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