Stitching up a hoot-tastic owl!

As I obviously don’t have enough projects on the go at the moment, I have decided to add another to the list – as a slight excuse it is already started I will just be finishing it off! I do find it hard to just focus on one project, I need the chaos of having a lot to pick from and means when I’m not in the mood for crochet or quilting I can pull out this cross stitch!

This owl cross stitch project I have had my eye on for a while – I have even got the fabric to make it into a cushion when I have finished it! I have made so many cushions for other people I thought it was about time I got around to doing one for myself! I saw this pattern in 365 cross stitch designs volume 2. And just loved the pattern and the colours they have used. I got it started just before Christmas, but it got pushed to the bottom of my cross stitch box as I had a lot of projects I had to get finished for Christmas. Luckily it hasn’t suffered the same fate as my blackwork project and got lost for a few years, as I came across it again the other day while clearing out my box to see how many half finished things I actually had in there, luckily this was the last one, and I decided I need to get it finished!

I have chosen to sew this onto a 28 count Ivory even-weave fabric. I think it’s coming out great, and the colours are brilliant! Can’t wait to get it finished!


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