A momentous framing occasion – the end of a very long project, its time to celebrate!

I really love blackwork, I like how it looks and I really enjoy doing it. I came across a pattern in The World of Cross stitching (issue 178) for a blackwork pattern completed using different shades of blue and green, and a DMC colour variations thread of blues and greens. I really liked the pattern and the colours and got to work on it straight away – however, this was a few years ago!!

After I got started I got side tracked with some other projects I was doing and it got lost amongst the bottom of the craft bag – only to come to light last summer when I found it amongst some other fabric I had in there – it’s like a bottomless pit in there! I fell in love with the pattern all over again and got back to work finishing it off! I really enjoyed stitching it and I had it finished by the end of summer, with the intention of getting it framed and getting it hung up on a spot I had ear marked for it on the wall, however, my frame shopping went completely by the way side and after the Christmas makes started, well there was no way I was getting around to framing it, so yet again the poor project got side-lined!

Finally a few weeks ago I found a frame which I knew would be perfect for it, so got it and got all the bits out ready to do it, and I managed to find sometime this weekend to get it framed! I cant believe I have taken so long to get it finished and framed and up – the wait was definitely worth it though I think it looks fantastic and have had a lot of comments from people who would like one for themselves. I think it has been one of the longest projects I have ever done – serves me right for forgetting about it – maybe I shouldn’t have so much on the go at once!

From now on I am going to make sure I keep a note of all the projects I have on the go so I don’t forget about anything, and I’m off to go empty out my craft bag to find out what other half finished projects are lost and forgotten about in the bottom of it!

IMG_3872 IMG_3871

4 thoughts on “A momentous framing occasion – the end of a very long project, its time to celebrate!

  1. Jessica Jayne January 25, 2015 / 4:28 pm

    This is beautiful! Well done x


  2. hookstitchsew January 25, 2015 / 6:36 pm

    Thank you, am really pleased with it – shame its taken me so long!


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