Lego Crochet Bricks Blankets: Everything Becomes Awesome When It’s Lego Related!


I know a few boys who are absolutely obsessed with everything Lego (one of which I made the Lego doorstop for previously). I have been thinking about what I can make these little builders for their next birthdays, I saw a pattern to make a Lego blanket on Pinterest and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it for them!

The pattern is from red heart yarns. I already have plenty of wool ball ends to start making some of the bricks, which means I can also thin out my wool stash too – as its starting to take over a bit! I am going to stick to Lego colours and go for dark blue, yellow, dark green and red. But, to make sure each can tell their blanket apart (so a massive argument over who’s who’s doesn’t erupt) I will make sure that each of the blankets contains a brick colour that the others do not have in them.

So far I have made a one dot brick and a two dot brick in the red, the dots are sewn onto the Lego blocks later when assembling them all together.

I’m not sure whether I will follow the same layout as that of the pattern I am going to make up the Lego bricks and then see how I want them laid out before I decide. It also means I can do a different pattern layout for each blanket. I’m also not sure whether I will use red to join the bricks together or if I will use a contrasting colour that hasn’t been used in the blanket, I will see what I think and how different colours look when I start putting it together.

I now have quite a few big projects on the go, but I prefer having a lot on the go as it means I can alternate between them all, rather than being stuck doing just one project – I get a bit of cabin fever when I only have one on the go!

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