Patchwork English Paper Pieced Quilt Update: Slowly Making Some Progress!


Since I am having an enforced break from my crochet blanket while I wait for some more wool, I have decided to get some of my patchwork squares started.

I haven’t got a planned pattern but I am going to put designs into a 20×20 cm Square which can then all be but together at the end when I have enough. I was just going to use mini squares and triangles, but I had a few ideas using some other shapes so have now also got mini triangles and a few other shapes are going to sneak their way in as I go along too!

I focus on each square one at a time, and decide what layout to do and what fabric to use before tacking the fabric to the templates and then hand sewing together. To make sure all the finished squares are the same size I lay the paper template out for the next square on top of a previously made square.

I have got a few squares made so far, and I am really happy with how they are coming out and how well all the colours are going together.


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