Craft, Crochet

It was all going so well, too well!….

I’ve been cracking on with my crochet wavy blanket (with its brilliant Pom poms!) and am about a third of the way there, I had just finished a ball of Pom Pom wool and reached down to get my next when I suddenly realised there was no more wool left!!! Panic ensued as I searched all over and through my entire wool stash in vain hope of finding some I had put in the wrong place, but to no avail there was none!

The shop I had bought it from previously was too far away to get to, so I scuttled online and managed to find some in the colour I needed, it’s now on its way so hopefully I can get back on and finish the quilt in the next few days! I am really hoping to get it finished soon as it has been freezing the last few days and it will be perfect to getting rid of the chill! Although on a brighter note I think it is looking great so far, and at least I managed to find some more, it would have been a disaster if I had a half finished blanket! Next time I need to make sure I count how many balls of wool have properly before starting off!

Now I have to take a break from the blanket I think I will have a go at getting some of my patchwork quilt squares on the go, or maybe a nice crochet scarf I have seen….there’s just so many projects I can pick from!


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