Crochet Wavy Pom Pom Blanket Project – Waves Upon Waves..With A Couple Of Pom Poms Thrown In For Good Measure!

The idea for a crochet blanket happened when I saw some wool in a shop with Pom poms attached – Designer Yarns jester wool in baby mint (colour 6). I liked it to much I bought a load of it with the idea of making a blanket. However I couldn’t quite decide on what pattern to do and it has taken me a while to find something I like for an idea. When I made the book mark using the wavy technique I really liked the effect and decided I would make the blanket using this pattern and alternate between the Pom pom wool and other colours.

I selected a 4mm hook, and started with a chain of 196 (14 sets of 14, and 3 for a turning chain). I used the same technique to start the wave pattern off as I did for the wavy bookmark I completed previously, following the guide on I find this a very helpful guide to follow to get started. I have decided to do 3 rows in the Pom Pom wool and 2 rows In the next colour before going back to the Pom Pom wool. The other colours I have chosen are a blue, yellow, purple and a pink.

I’ve got a couple of rows completed so far an really like how it’s coming together, I am hoping it doesn’t take to long to make as I want to start using it already!


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