I think my vision is starting to become wavy after all these rows!

I was very excited when my new batch of Pom Pom wool arrived after my flow of crocheting waves upon waves was rudely disturbed after running out of it! My excitement was subdued slightly by the prospect of balling the skeins but after a dramatic battle of winding against a barrage of Pom poms my excitement had fully returned and I was ready to get back crocheting again!

After a huge 83 rows in total the main part of the blanket is finished!! I have decided that I want to do a border around the edge of it before I have finished it, I can’t quite decide between a few things I have in mind, so I am going to have a think and good look at the blanket and decide what I think will look best before starting!

Even though I don’t know what edging I will be doing, I have at least decided on the colour – I have an orange colour the same colour as one of the Pom poms to use, and I might also use the pink colour from in the blanket I have already used. Hopefully I will have the edging finished a lot quicker than the rest of the blanket! Almost at the end of the biggest crochet project I have undertaken – won’t be long until I can cosy up in it – I can’t wait!


Hold the bus….some grannies almost got left behind!

I am still trudging through the granny squares, and the end is finally in sight! I have now managed to make another 4 (26 now made in total) and there are only 2 more left to do until I have completed all the the granny squares available as no more are appearing on the app.

Once I have finished them all I will lay them out and decide whether I have enough for a blanket or whether I need to find some more granny square patterns to make up the numbers so it will be big enough! – I think I may need a few more as it might be a bit small as it is but I will see. Then comes the challenge of putting then all together which is going to be interesting as not all of them are the same size!! I may be adding some rows onto a few of them which are a big smaller than the rest to match the sizes up a bit. Hopefully there are enough of each different size to make a row of each size square. I also need to decide how I am going to attach them together and with what colour! Decisions decisions…. I’m putting it off until I have to do it as I can’t quite decide at the moment I know something will pop in to my head!

Until then, hop on board;

Granny Barbara
Granny June
Granny Florence
Granny Audrey

Hope you enjoy the trip!


Stitching up a hoot-tastic owl!

As I obviously don’t have enough projects on the go at the moment, I have decided to add another to the list – as a slight excuse it is already started I will just be finishing it off! I do find it hard to just focus on one project, I need the chaos of having a lot to pick from and means when I’m not in the mood for crochet or quilting I can pull out this cross stitch!

This owl cross stitch project I have had my eye on for a while – I have even got the fabric to make it into a cushion when I have finished it! I have made so many cushions for other people I thought it was about time I got around to doing one for myself! I saw this pattern in 365 cross stitch designs volume 2. And just loved the pattern and the colours they have used. I got it started just before Christmas, but it got pushed to the bottom of my cross stitch box as I had a lot of projects I had to get finished for Christmas. Luckily it hasn’t suffered the same fate as my blackwork project and got lost for a few years, as I came across it again the other day while clearing out my box to see how many half finished things I actually had in there, luckily this was the last one, and I decided I need to get it finished!

I have chosen to sew this onto a 28 count Ivory even-weave fabric. I think it’s coming out great, and the colours are brilliant! Can’t wait to get it finished!


A momentous framing occasion – the end of a very long project, its time to celebrate!

I really love blackwork, I like how it looks and I really enjoy doing it. I came across a pattern in The World of Cross stitching (issue 178) for a blackwork pattern completed using different shades of blue and green, and a DMC colour variations thread of blues and greens. I really liked the pattern and the colours and got to work on it straight away – however, this was a few years ago!!

After I got started I got side tracked with some other projects I was doing and it got lost amongst the bottom of the craft bag – only to come to light last summer when I found it amongst some other fabric I had in there – it’s like a bottomless pit in there! I fell in love with the pattern all over again and got back to work finishing it off! I really enjoyed stitching it and I had it finished by the end of summer, with the intention of getting it framed and getting it hung up on a spot I had ear marked for it on the wall, however, my frame shopping went completely by the way side and after the Christmas makes started, well there was no way I was getting around to framing it, so yet again the poor project got side-lined!

Finally a few weeks ago I found a frame which I knew would be perfect for it, so got it and got all the bits out ready to do it, and I managed to find sometime this weekend to get it framed! I cant believe I have taken so long to get it finished and framed and up – the wait was definitely worth it though I think it looks fantastic and have had a lot of comments from people who would like one for themselves. I think it has been one of the longest projects I have ever done – serves me right for forgetting about it – maybe I shouldn’t have so much on the go at once!

From now on I am going to make sure I keep a note of all the projects I have on the go so I don’t forget about anything, and I’m off to go empty out my craft bag to find out what other half finished projects are lost and forgotten about in the bottom of it!

IMG_3872 IMG_3871

Everything becomes awesome when it’s Lego related!

I know a few boys who are absolutely obsessed with everything Lego (one of which I made the Lego doorstop for previously). I have been thinking about what I can make these little builders for their next birthdays, I saw a pattern to make a Lego blanket on Pinterest and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it for them!

The pattern is from red heart yarns. I already have plenty of wool ball ends to start making some of the bricks, which means I can also thin out my wool stash too – as its starting to take over a bit! I am going to stick to Lego colours and go for dark blue, yellow, dark green and red. But, to make sure each can tell their blanket apart (so a massive argument over who’s who’s doesn’t erupt) I will make sure that each of the blankets contains a brick colour that the others do not have in them.

So far I have made a one dot brick and a two dot brick in the red, the dots are sewn onto the Lego blocks later when assembling them all together.

I’m not sure whether I will follow the same layout as that of the pattern I am going to make up the Lego bricks and then see how I want them laid out before I decide. It also means I can do a different pattern layout for each blanket. I’m also not sure whether I will use red to join the bricks together or if I will use a contrasting colour that hasn’t been used in the blanket, I will see what I think and how different colours look when I start putting it together.

I now have quite a few big projects on the go, but I prefer having a lot on the go as it means I can alternate between them all, rather than being stuck doing just one project – I get a bit of cabin fever when I only have one on the go!


Bus passes at the ready – Almost enough for a full bus trip (let’s go somewhere nice and sunny)

I’ve been trooping along with the granny squares from the simply crochet app and have managed to make 5 more. So now I have 22 In total and only 7 Granny square patterns left to catch up with!

I have really enjoyed these granny square makes, it’s great when you can sneak in a quick make when you have a few spare minutes and not have to worry about finding your place again when you go back as you can start a new granny pattern!

Introducing (sorry it’s such a tight squeeze in there!)
Granny Constance
Granny Ardith
Granny Emily
Granny Rosemary
Granny Enid


Squares and triangles are taking over the place, all good though – it’s all in the name of patchwork

As well as having a box starting to burst open full of granny squares wanting out, I am now starting to fill up my patchwork box with competed patchwork squares! However, the good thing is the sooner it fills up the sooner I can put the quilt together and get using it as it is needed very soon with all this cold weather!

I have been using some other shapes for these to keep all the squares different, I hope I don’t run out of ideas before I have enough squares made!


Going loopy for a new stitch – Solomon’s knot

I’m always looking for new projects and new stitches to try and when I saw this Solomon’s knot scarf in simply crochet issue 21, and knew I had to give it a go! I also had some wool I’ve been wanting to use for a while and this make was perfect for it, it was Wendy supreme 100% luxury cotton 4ply in salmon.

It’s taken me a while to get round to, but once I got started it did not take long to make it all, it took me a little while to get the hang of the stitch, and wasn’t the easiest to keep the loops all the same size, but once I had got used to it before I knew it I had finished the scarf! It actually looks a lot harder to do than it is, am really glad I gave it a go! I am really looking forward to wearing this, the stitch looks great and I love the colour – nice and bright and summery in all this cold dark weather!


Quilt update – slowly getting the pieces together

Since I am having an enforced break from my crochet blanket while i wait for some more wool, I have decided to get some of my patchwork squares started.

I haven’t got a planned pattern but I am going to put designs into a 20×20 cm Square which can then all be but together at the end when I have enough. I was just going to use mini squares and triangles, but I had a few ideas using some other shapes so have now also got mini triangles and a few other shapes are going to sneak their way in as I go along too!

I focus on each square one at a time, and decide what layout to do and what fabric to use before tacking the fabric to the templates and then hand sewing together. To make sure all the finished squares are the same size I lay the paper template out for the next square on top of a previously made square.

I have got a few squares made so far, and I am really happy with how they are coming out and how well all the colours are going together.