Sewing A Finished Cross Stitch Flower Design Into A Cushion


I had three cross stitch cushions to complete this year for gifts and this final one has taken by far the longest to complete. It was a much bigger pattern than the previous two and had much more detail and I didn’t think it was going to end! But, I have finally managed to get through the mountain of crosses and what seemed to be never-ending backstitching. I was a bit worried that once I had finished all of the crosses, the pattern wasn’t going to stand out very well but the backstitching in the pattern did its job and pulled it all together brilliantly. The pattern is from 365 Cross Stitch Designs (Volume 2)

Once completed, I created the pillow. I didn’t fabric ‘frame’ the front of the cushion as I think the picture itself was enough detail for the front and I didn’t want it to be overshadowed by any fabric colours. I again did a back flap cushion so there I wouldn’t need to fit a zip. I found a red flowery fabric in my stash and used it for the back, which I think complements the colours in the cross stitch really well.


To Make a flap back cushion:

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric which are the width of the cross stitch front and 10cm longer than the height. My cushion front was 45x45cm so I cut two pieces for this project I used two pieces 45x55cm.
  2. Fold the two pieces in half to give you two pieces 45×27.5cm.
  3. Take the two folded fabric pieces and place overlapping on top of the cross stitch front.
  4. Sew around the edge to secure.
  5. Turn out the right way.
  6. If you want to add some extra detail to the cushion you can sew a line around the edge, I sewed a line 6cm from the edge in purple to create a border.
IMG_3680 2
IMG_3685 3

This cushion turned out even better than I had hoped and I’m really pleased with it. It’s a shame I cant keep it for myself!

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