Crochet Blossom Potholders


Christmas is rapidly approaching, and despite cracking through numerous projects over the last few weeks, the number I have left seems to be increasing, if anything! Luckily, I think I will just get them all done in time. I have been whizzing through a few small projects over the last few days as these haven’t taken too long to make and I can squeeze in doing them amongst the mountain of other tasks I have on my list to do in preparation for Christmas, At least the tree is up, I just need to remember all the food!

I saw a pattern a while ago in Inside Crochet   magazine (Issue 50) for some blossom potholders and knew I had to make one. I made two in the end, with two different coloured edgings, one in blue and one in green and I choose a white for the base and a pale coral for the blossom. I used a 3.5mm hook for both the holder and the blossom, as I wanted the holder to be a little bit smaller (the pattern used a 4mm for the holder and 3.5mm for the blossoms).

IMG_3661 2

The pattern was really easy to follow and the holders came together really quickly. The most time consuming part was making all of the blossoms and putting them all on but I think it was definitely worth it and I think they look great! I’m glad I made two; one’s a gift the other is for me!

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