They were supposed to have 6 petals, I have no idea where one went…


As I have mentioned previously, this year is quickly becoming the year of the coasters and I have just put together yet another set for a gift (think we’re up to at least set 7 by now!). I saw a motif pattern for a flower I really liked – again from Simply Crochet Issue 22. In the magazine they used different shades of green to create a really nice flower within a shaped surround.

I had some leftover flecked wool which I really liked and I matched two of the colours out of the fleck to use and off I went. I made all 6 of the middle parts of the coasters (the flower part) first with the flecked wool. However, it was only once I had made these that I realised I may haven been a bit too keen with cracking on with them, and clearly hadn’t read the first part of the pattern properly – the flower was meant to have 6 petals, mine all had only 5! I have no idea how I managed to miss a petal off from all of them, but I still liked the look of the flower so decided to carry on with them with just the 5 petals and hoped they would still look good at the end!

Once I had completed the final few rounds I was really happy that I had carried on, as although different to the original pattern, I still think they look really good. I’m really pleased with how the colours have gone together and I hope the recipient is as happy with them as I was!

P.S. If completed using the six petals, they can be joined together to make a larger mat.

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