Christmas tree decorations …

I really like felt tree decorations and found a few I wanted to make in some magazines I bought last Christmas. These were put on the list of things to make very early on and were one of the first things I made when the count down to Christmas started. Felt decorations are great little makes and these did not take long to make at all. I can’t wait to get them up on the tree although I have to keep an eye on them as often my visitors are keen to take them home! I think a few of the extras I have made will be going in with some gifts – they also look great with a nametag on presents.



One of my favourites was the squirrel pattern that I found in a Nordic-inspired booklet that came with Sew Home & Style magazine (issue 53). I used ribbon instead of beads for the hanger, so it could go on the tree, and instead, attached a string of beads to the base of the decoration. I think it looks really cute.

The next three I took inspiration from some similar ones I saw in a magazine last Christmas. These had used buttons and stitching to decorate the felt heart, star and tree shapes, meaning that the decorations were not too plain. I also chose to use contrasting threads and buttons on them so that the detailing would stand out.


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