The scarf that became a snood…


One of my Christmas makes this year is a scarf featured in Simply Crochet magazine (Issue 13). The pattern itself consisted of only 3 rows to be repeated and these comprised of only chains and treble stitches. What surprised me was how something so simple looked so nice in the picture, so I had to give it a go!

I used two balls of Sirdar Click Chunky wool in indigo and a 4mm hook.

I found the pattern quite easy so the scarf came together pretty quickly. Whilst making the scarf however, I decided that I would rather make it into a snood so it would be something a bit different from the multitude of scarves I have already made as gifts this year and in previous years!. I also prefer a snood sometimes, as you don’t have to deal with the loose ends of a scarf while wearing a jacket in winter. Therefore, once I had enough length so that it could be placed over the head, twisted and placed back over again comfortably, I fastened off and then joined the two ends together using a row of dc stitches.


This came together surprising quickly. Obviously, the use of the just chains and trebles combined with the ‘holey’ effect of the scarf contributed toward this and I had it finished within a few evenings. Perfect as a quick make, and great project for someone just starting off in crochet and wanting to get to grips with two very commonly used stitches, with a really nice end result.

I really like this snood and think its recipient will too, I think I will have to make another one for myself when I get a chance I like it that much!

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