From tweed blanket to cushion cover!

Whilst having a clear out around the house, I found I had acquired a few too many tweed blankets. This gave me the perfect opportunity to make a tweed cushion cover – something I had wanted to make for a while.



I used one blanket to make three cushions (I kept one for myself and the others will be utilised as gifts).   To do this I cut the blanket into three strips lengthways, which gave enough width for the width of the cushions, plus a hem down each side to finish off the rough edges (It just so happens that the blanket I had split into three standard sized cushions, but in reality you can make these to any size you want). Once I had completed a hem down each side of the fabric and the bottom only, I placed the cushion in the middle of the strip of fabric and folded up the bottom half of the fabric so it covered it. I then sewed together the two sides up to this point; so it provided a pocket for the cushion to fit into.

With the remaining flap I frayed a few centimetres of the top edge (which had not been hemmed). I then used press-studs on the underside of the flap to fasten it down. For extra detail, I managed to find some matching buttons amongst my leftover button collection and attached them along the front of the flap.

I think a few of these pillowcases in different colours would look great together. I look forward to finding another surplus tweed blanket so I can try out some different types of cushion case and finishing details.

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